International Advisory Board

The Division of Angiology is hosting a biannual international Advisory Board with distinguished external researchers to identify, plan and discuss significant future research topics with clinically high impact.

The topics of interest include the fields of peripheral artery disease (PAD), atherosclerosis, lipidology, hemostaseology and genetics.


Division Angiology / University Bern

Iris Baumgartner, Prof. (Head of Angiology) 
Heinz Drexel, Prof. (Senior Consultant)
Marc Schindewolf, PD Dr. med. (Research Director)
Hana Ramadani, M. Sc. (Scientific Assistant)
Armando Lenz, PhD (Senior Statistician)

External Researchers

Marc P. Bonaca, Prof. (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Alberico L. Catapano, Prof. (Mailand, Italien)
Brian A. Ference, Prof. (Cambridge, UK)
William R. Hiatt, Prof. (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Vincent Mooser, Prof. (Lausanne, Schweiz)
Terje R. Pedersen, Prof. (Oslo, Norwegen)